Zimpli Kids 12 Use Mega Baff Pack

Type: bath

Product Description

Get ready for the ultimate bath time fun with Zimpli 12 Use mega baff gift pack! Perfect for a unique, sensory bath time experience! Includes 2x Slime baff, 2x gelli Baff with dissolvers, 2x crackle baff, 2x 100g egg baff bombz, 2x 100g star baff bombz & 2x round baff bombz. At Zimplikids, we design, manufacture, market and supply some of the most unique and innovative children's Toy products on the market. As a young vibrant company, we are always striving to create fun new products that will safely enhance both children's and parent's experiences of playtime. All our products Offer exciting, multi-sensory experiences for children. Our products aid creative, cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. Due to their unique textures, colours and scents, they are perfect products for messy and multi-sensory play!.


Gelli: Sodium Polyacrylate, Parfum Strawberry, Colourants. Dissolver: Sodium Chloride Slime: Sodium Acrylate Copolymer and Parfum Strawberry. Crackle Colours: Sucrose, Maltose, Carbon Dioxide, Colourants.

  • 12 x BATH USES IN TOTAL: All Skin Safe, Drain Safe, Easy Clean & Stain Free. All our powders are biodegradable and contain no animal products
  • 6 x BAFF BOMBZ: Each bath bomb creates a colourful fizzing bath adventure whilst changing the colour of your water. 2 x egg, 2 x star + 2 x round
  • 2 x CRACKLE BAFF: Makes your bath water change colour & crackle and pop just like popping candy
  • 2 x GELLI BAFF: Magically turns water into thick colourful goo which easily drains away by adding the second dissolver powder
  • 2 x SLIME BAFF: Magically transforms your boring bath water into gooey slime which you can use in a bath or a bowl
  • SAFE: Proudly made in the UK to strict European safety standards

Includes: 2 x 1 use Slime Baff
2 x 1 use Gelli Baff & 2 x 1 use Gelli Baff Dissolver
2 x Crackle Baff Colours Sachets, 2 x 100g Egg Baff Bombz, 2 x 35g Star Baff Bombz, 2 x 35g Round Baff Bombz