Pixie Crew Thermo Mug - Blue

Type: Toy
A high quality Thermo Mug made out of Stainless Steel where you can create infinite numbers of designs thanks to its silicone cover. The silicone surface and pixels will help you to create a new mug for everyday. The lid included with your thermo mug will keep your drinks hot or cold depending on what you put in it. The mugs' handle guarantees ''safe'' drinking for children. Anyone who enjoys drinking coffee, tea or anything else in the morning will appreciate the well sealed lid! The mug can be put in the dishwasher. For FREE you will get 100 pixels or PIXIES and a small gallery of creative ideas to put on your mug. A tasty drink in a unique mug, that tastes like success!! You can remove and place the pixels anytime you want. Just released is the PIXIE CREW editor where you can create designs virtually on your product before you even pick up a pixel!