Type: Milk maker

Warm baby bottle in seconds

milkymeter˚ measures the temperature in baby's milk while the baby bottle warms in the microwave oven and tells you straight from the milk when temperature is right and you should stop the microwave.

You get a warm bottle in seconds, without risk of overheating and with nutrients preserved.

Use with milk, breast milk and formula, or any other liquid you want to serve at body temperature.

What you need to know about warming of baby's milk and how to preserve nutrients in your milk

Nutrients and vitamins in baby milk are damaged if heated too much for a longer time period.  Regardless of using bottle warmer, water bath, microwave or any other heating method. This means warming baby bottle quick and correct is important.

The safety feature in milkymeter˚ allows you to stop warming at the right time, avoiding overheating and hotspots. This means you are able to protect the nutrients in baby's milk that are so important for baby's development and digestion.

Bottom line about microwave heating

Warming a milkbottle in the microwave is really fast. This means a great risk of overheating if you do not measure the temperature. Overheating may case burns and damage nutrients. This is why milkymeter is such a great invention.

milkymeter is the world's first wireless thermometer for microwave ovens developed especially for warming babybottle and clearly showing you real time temperature development from inside the microwave.

It has digital sensors that measure the milk temperature several places in the milk while it is being warmed in the microwave. This makes sure the end result after stirring the milk is body temperature and that no dangerous hotspots develop.

Instead of a battery, milkymeter harvest energy from microwaves and uses it to power the digital temperature sensors.

This means milkymeter only works inside the microwave oven.