Curious Hare Plantable Seed Card

Type: Cards

Perfect gift and card all in one for any wildlife and nature lover.

These special Eco-Friendly cards are embedded with a variety of flower seeds rich in nectar and pollen designed to support bumblebees and wildlife.

Once you finish with the card, instead of throwing it away you can plant it and grow your own mini flower meadow! They are sure to bring fun and delight to the recipient both young and old. They are also 100% biodegradable cello wrapped with a recycled envelope.

Featuring 10 of our favourite countryside watercolour artwork designs

Cards measure 150mm x 105mm

Curious Hare Plantable Seed Card

The decline in our Bumblebee population has been a very big concern last year also, so, for this reason, Love Country has become an official donator to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust and this new card range proudly supports them with 10p from each card going straight to the charity.

So many of us have become keen gardeners and appreciating wildlife and nature during the lockdown that these cards celebrate the countryside and encourage people to do their bit for the environment. Rather than sending something to a landfill, you can plant it instead!

The cards have a shelf life of 2 years and have full instructions on the back.