Badger and Bee Greeting Card

Type: Cards

Love Country by Sarah Reilly

These luxury cards are printed from original watercolour paintings by Sarah Reilly.
Each design has a lovely story written by the Artist on the reverse of each card, making them extra special.
Scroll down this page to read the poem!
Proudly printed in England, on sustainable quality board.
Card left blank inside for your own message, measuring 14.8 x 14.8cm. Envelope included.

Badger and Bee

There is a woodland in the heart of the English countryside old as time
Trees become dense the deeper you go as the air grows cool and fairy bells chime
the branches above sigh with age as they creak and groan softly whispering tales
Lichen covers their bark and their roots are entwined with primroses and bluebells
Beneath these roots an ancient tunnel system lays where many animals roam
For hundreds of years a generation of Badgers have called this place home
Golden rays of sunrise shine down on the earth lighting up a head of black and white hair
As a little wet black nose pokes out of the tunnel entrance and sniffs the air
With week sight but a keen sense of smell little Tommy badger emerges from the hole
Whilst his clan are asleep he has eagerly planned this secret morning stroll
Curiosity burning in his heart, his young and inquisitive nature won’t allow him to sleep
What happens during the day? He has asked himself, I really must know, just a peek
So up and out climbs this brave little badger, on an adventure to find blue skies
The warmth on his fur and twinkle of sunlight dazzling his gentle eyes
The world of day brings new sounds and life very different to the cool of the dark
He can smell the flowers of the meadow and hear the morning song of the lark
Following the scent of wild meadow flowers padding along on his powerful feet
What awaits in this world of the day? He wonders who he might possibly meet
Suddenly he hears a mysterious noise as it fills his ears with a buzzing sound
With a flash of black and yellow fluff and a tangle of legs flying around
“I’m Tommy” says the badger nervously, “who are you that I can see?”
“Why of course I am a humble bumble” comes the reply, “but my friends just call me Bee”
Would you like some breakfast young Tommy? I know of a bush full of delicious elderberries
With joy in his heart to have found such a friend Tommy happily replies “yes please”
So, whilst the other badgers slept soundly, Tommy knew it was friendship that he had craved
His adventures were only just beginning, such wonders awaited him because he had been brave.