Our story

Our Story….  
In April 2014 our beautiful daughter Jade was born. When she was just a few months old she was diagnosed with severe Eczema. It was so hard watching her cry out in pain for hours on end; we felt so helpless.
As any parent knows, you’d do anything to protect your kids.  Following her diagnosis we began reading more and more into Eczema and what else we could be doing in addition to her treatment. Cotton clothing that allows the skin to breathe is recommended, with most preferring those made of 100% cotton.
Jade’s condition was so severe we found clothes with a mixture of cotton and another material still caused flare ups. It was then we started looking for organic cotton or 100% certified cotton outfits.  These outfits really helped. Finding enough of them was now our problem! As every parent knows, a baby can go through a lot of clothes…..everyday!!! Then there is how quick they grow…..  As we spoke with other Parents, we realised we weren’t alone, and the idea for Little Yu Boutique was born.
Over the last few years we have grown from a small market stall, to a concession to our current fabulous home on Urmston High Street.  We have met so many lovely suppliers and customers who share our passion for providing organic or certified cotton outfits, and can’t wait to meet many more.